Please contact us or call if you have any questions about Olen Holsters. We will be glad to help you pick the perfect carry gear for your everyday concealed carry.

Does Kydex wear the finish on my gun?
Any gun that is carried daily and holstered will eventually show holster wear marks. If you don't want holster wear on your gun, doesn't holster it. The advantage to carrying in Kydex
is that Kydex
is easy to clean and keep grit out of the holster. It is grit in the holster that wears the finish, and unlike leather Kydex
cleans easily and has a smooth finish to limit holster wear.
Are Olen Holsters molded to a specific gun model?
Yes, our holsters are molded to the specific gun they are labeled for. Using a different model gun in a holster not molded to that gun is not recommended. There are exceptions in certain brands and models of guns such as the Glock 9mm, .40, and .357, will all fit in the same holster as their frames and slides are identical.
How thick is the Kydex used in Olen Holsters?
Olen holsters uses 0.080 thick Kydex.
For all inside and outside the waistband holsters Olen Holsters uses 0.080 thick Kydex
The 0.080 Kydex gives you more durability and strength while the 0.060 helps keep the holster as thin as possible for inside the waistband comfort.
How long will my order take for an Olen Holster?
Right now if we have your gun mold in stock we can get your holster shipped in one week. If we have to order the gun mold it will take an additional 10 days. See our list of gun molds now in stock. Email or call us for specific guns that you want a holster for and we can give you an estimate for order time on custom orders or unusual guns not listed. Our goal on every order is to ship in under two weeks.
Do Olen Holsters have a warranty?
Yes, we will repair or replace any Olen Holster that fails under normal use. We consider normal use as daily carry and use. We will not warranty holsters that are exposed to extreme heat, such as a holster left in a hot car, or holsters that have been modified buy the purchaser. This is a lifetime warranty.
How is the retention adjusted on an Olen Holster?
Olen Holsters have the retention set when they are made. We set the retention to a point where it takes a quick snap to release the holster on the draw, but the weapon will not fall out when turned upside down and shaken. Should you want less retention, we can adjust the trigger guard area with heat to loosen the retention. Let us know in advance and we can set the retention anywhere you want it for no extra charge.
Is there any extra charge for different colors?
All our color choices are the same price. We can also mix different colors between the front and back panel to give your holster a unique look. Contact us for special orders on different color combinations.


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