Olen Holster Company was founded in May 2012. As a CCW permit holder I was always looking for the closest fitting, most concealable holster available. Being left handed made the search for the perfect holster even more difficult as a lot of the holster makers do not make holsters for lefties. There are some good holsters out there but while they had some features I liked, they lacked all the features I looked for in a concealed carry holster.

     After filling a box with holsters that just did not work, I finally started making my own and incorporating the good features of holsters I had used in the past. What I came up with is a holster that fits close to the body, rides high and has enough forward cant to aid in maximum concealment. It is also a bonus that it feels comfortable on the hip during all day carry.

     After wearing an Olen Holster daily now for a year I am convinced, as are our customers and field testers, that an Olen Holster offers all the features you look for in a comfortable, concealable holster.

     At Olen Holster Company we will strive to offer the best holster possible in terms of quality, value and customer service. Unlike some other holster makers, at Olen Holster our turn around time is 2 weeks or less. You won’t have to wait months to get your holster and start carrying.

     Olen Holster Company is committed to customer satisfaction. We will continue to produce a holster that meets all the needs of the CCW permit holder. Try an Olen Holster and feel for yourself how comfortable and concealable an Olen Holster can be.

Carry On,
Bruce Clemans
President, Olen Holster Company


PO Box 793
Snohomish, WA 98291-0793
Phone: 360-568-OLEN(6536)
Email:  olenholster@hotmail.com